Book Review – The Sex Myth

sex myth

The Sex Mytth

by Rachel Hills

Reviewed by Chris Saliba –

In her early twenties, Australian journalist Rachel Hills felt that her sex life didn’t match up with the cultural stereotypes surrounding her. Media, advertising and television told her that she should be having wild, uninhibited sex every day. Her generation was supposedly the most liberated and sexually sophisticated that had ever existed. However, these supposedly glamorous and sex-positive messages didn’t make Hills feel good about herself at all. Rather they made her feel nervy and anxious. Hills worried that she wasn’t normal, that she wasn’t having enough sex, and set off on her own journey to find out what actually was ‘normal’.


The result of Hills’ research has been compiled in The Sex Myth. The book mixes first-hand reportage with an insightful summary of academic literature around sexuality. Hills interviewed more than 200 people for the book and the text is liberally sprinkled with often fascinating personal anecdotes. The Sex Myth finds that people’s personal experience of their own sexuality differs wildly from the mythical sexuality pushed in our media and assumed by peer groups. Her message is liberating: we need to do our best to ignore the ‘sex myth’ and stay true to our own sexuality. This is a book that will give solace and courage.



Chris Saliba is co-owner of North Melbourne Books and a regular contributor to the News. North Melbourne Books is located at 546 Queensberry Street.

From North & West Melbourne News Issue 170 September 2015 – Arts & Entertainment – Book Reviews


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