Hot Poppy


Hot Poppy1

by Meegan Waugh

If there’s one thing that isn’t lacking in Melbourne, it’s great breakfasts. With this city’s brunch and coffee obsession, it seems like every week there’s another hot new place to get your Sunday morning fix.

The one downside to the constant stream of shiny new venues is that it can be easy to overlook the tried and true. Remember: they’ve lasted this long for a reason.

Hot Poppy is a mainstay of the North Melbourne café scene. We ventured there on the recommendation of a local who seemed to know his stuff, and we weren’t disappointed.

Family friendly and dog loving, Hot Poppy has built up a loyal crew of local regulars. The aim here isn’t to dazzle you with wizardry and spectacle, but to serve up consistently good food and coffee with friendly service.

The lengthy menu includes classics like eggs benedict, a handful of toasties, a regularly changing jaffle special, and much more.

We went for the huevos rancheros ($18.50) and the parmesan French toast ($17). The huevos rancheros was a generous serving of chorizo, guacamole, beans and sour cream served on corn tortillas topped with fried eggs and salsa. Hearty but not too heavy, it’s the dream breakfast of slightly hungover brunch-goers everywhere.

The parmesan French toast also got the tick of approval; savoury French toast is something that should be a lot more common. Served with crispy bacon and relish, it was a welcome twist on what can be a sickly sweet dish.

Brunch isn’t complete without a cuppa, and Hot Poppy deliver whether your poison is coffee, tea or chai. Even your pup will be well looked after with a water bowl; happy faces all round!
Hot Poppy is located at 9 Errol Street, North Melbourne and is open 7am to 5pm all week and open til 6pm on Fridays and Sundays


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