The North and West Melbourne News is a quarterly publication produced by volunteers from North and West Melbourne and the inner city. It is now in its 37th year of production. Readers’ contributions are welcomed. Where relevant the News may seek alternative opinions in the interests of balance. Contributors’ opinions are their own, however, and the News takes no responsibility for them. We reserve the right to edit or omit articles considered unsuitable or when space is limited.

Articles should be submitted by email to EditorialNWMN@centre.org.au Please use minimal formatting and do not embed graphics in documents. Photographs should be sent separately as JPEGs.


The News is a non-profit organisation working as a program of The Centre.Funding is by way of a limited quota of advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions and occasional donations.


If you would like to receive the North and West Melbourne News by mail, the rate is $10 for four copies sent anywhere in Australia or pro rata for part of the calendar year. The News is distributed free throughout North and West Melbourne.

Further copies are available from The Centre and the North Melbourne Library.

Advertisement sizes and rates

60 mm W x 92 mm H      $70 plus GST

124 mm W x 92 mm H    $140 plus GST

188 mm W x 92 mm H    $210 plus GST

252 mm W x 92 mm H    $280 plus GST

A charge of 25 per cent may be added for advertisements that require designing.

For more information phone 9329 1627 or email nwmnews@centre.org.au

Community announcements are published free of charge.


The News welcomes new volunteers. If you have skills in writing, drawing, photography,archiving, sub-editing and proofreading, computer technology or design and layout, please consider joining the team.

Editor: Lachlan Marr

Deputy Editors: Paul Campobasso and Allie Mouret

Production Coordinator: Peter Alsen

Advertising Coordinator: Janet Graham

Section Editors –

Arts & Entertainment: Allie Mouret

Community: Paul Campobasso

Noticeboard: Janet Graham

Politics & Environment: Paul Campobasso

Sport & Health: Lachlan Marr

Travel & Food: Allie Mouret

Youth & Education: Lachlan Marr

Production team: Janet Graham, Lachlan Marr, Jim Weatherill, Allie Mouret, Paul Campobasso. Kris Wilson and Peter Alsen provide professional assistance with layout.

Please deliver contributions letters And feedback to:

North and West Melbourne News

58 Errol Street, North Melbourne 3051

Email: EditorialNWMN@centre.org.au

Telephone: 9328 1126

Copy deadline for December 2015 edition:

November 4th

Publication date: 4th December


Printed by Express Print

5 Jones Road, Morwell 3844

Circulation 5900



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