A New Era in Inner City Education

A look into the current revamp of Melbourne’s Inner City Schools

By Victor McMillan


The CAN Report — and the beginning, and later demise, of community participation in planning

    by Jack Lewis “In the early 1970s Melbourne’s inner suburbs were being strangled by unchecked growth. Roads were clogged by vehicles, pollution was increasing, historic areas were being destroyed, and the poorer residents were being displaced.” This was the opening paragraph of an invitation by the Hotham History Project and the North and…

Impressive, for very good reason

  by Katrina Kincade-Sharkey You’d guess this vibrant, politicised person had worn his adopted name most of his knowing years; and he has, although only formally registering it in New Zealand’s Greymouth in 1992. And this bloke wears his name well, exceedingly well. Very Impressive is stylishly loud, occasionally excessively loud in appearance, yet one…